[Ironruby-core] IronRuby internals - How can I get the full path to the current file?

Orion Edwards Orion.Edwards at gallagher.co
Tue Jan 3 17:01:58 EST 2012

I thought I'd be a good samaritan and implement require_relative in 
IronRuby, but I'm having real trouble figuring out what the current file's 
path actually is.

The closest I've got is something like this:

* Pull apart the the caller/backtrace to get the file name
* File.expand_path(file,  File.dirname(dir)) 
* require that file

This is equivalent to the existing ruby idiom of "require 
File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'lib/file1')", but this doesn't work 
reliably because __FILE__ is already relative, so File.dirname(__FILE__) 
often just returns "."
Without the full path to the current file however, this is as good as we 
can get.

I've looked through various parts of the IronRuby source code...
- as far as I can tell the Parser/Syntax tree code (which has access to 
the file path) doesn't keep the information around
- and even if it did, I'm not sure how regular ruby code could access the 

If anyone could help at all, even with a small bit of detail, it'd be much 
Thanks, Orion


Here's my test program, which works correctly in MRI 1.92, but I cannot 
get it to work in IronRuby

require_relative 'lib/file1'
Dir.chdir 'c:/windows/system32'
require_relative 'lib/file2'

Other things I tried

- eval("__FILE__") - is hard-coded to return "(eval)"

- I thought about poking around in RubyContext.Loader.LoadedFiles, but the 
Loader doesn't know about the entry-point file (is this a bug??), which is 
a big stumbling block
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