[Ironruby-core] [ANN] IronRuby 1.1.3 Released!

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Sun Mar 13 18:53:31 EDT 2011

Dear IronRuby community,

We’re pleased to announce the release of IronRuby 1.1.3. The binaries
and the installer are now available at CodePlex:


IronRuby 1.1.3 is a servicing release that keeps on improving compatibility with Ruby 1.9.2 and includes IronRuby integration to Visual Studio 2010. We decided to drop 1.8.6 compatibility mode in all post-1.0 releases. We recommend using IronRuby 1.0 if you need 1.8.6 compatibility.

The main purpose of this release is to sync with IronPython 2.7 release, i.e. to keep the Dynamic Language Runtime that both these languages build on top shareable.

This release also fixes a few bugs:

5763 Use of Bewildr Gem Fails in V1.1.2
5786 Hash.each (without block) gives a syntax error. ir 1.1.2. breaks Builder 3.0.0 gem.
5787 alias :"#{var}" :name fails with SyntaxErrorException in v1.1.2. Breaks awesome_print gem.

-- IronRuby team
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