[Ironruby-core] [AutoCAD and IronRuby]

Murat ÜSTÜNTAŞ ustuntas at ekatek.com.tr
Thu Mar 3 03:37:42 EST 2011

Hello Timothy,

I am very pleased for this information from you. If you give me
your email address i want to talk to you directly.

I am planing to user AutoCAD 2010 or AutoCAD 2011
- also later ZwCAD 2011 - and I am using Windows 7
pro 64bit, Micosoft Office XP.

If we will fulfill in this project, i am planing to write a
documantation about this integration in very detail..



On 03/02/2011 10:40 PM, Timothy Barnes wrote:
> I have played around with this.
> There are 2 steps:
> 1. Using the example given in the "Through the Interface" post you have
> to use an existing .net language to create a "script engine" to allow
> AutoCAD and Ironruby to talk. You should be able to copy Kean Walmsley's
> script directly, pick the right .dll's for you version of AutoCAD, load
> them and in your project in either Visual Studio or I have used
> SharpDevelop, and follow the rest of Kean's directions to run scripts in
> AutoCAD.
> That is the hardest part.  It took me awhile to get step 1 to work.
> 2. Use either the "win32ole" library or .net libraries to connect to
> excel. The best place I have found to read about the win32ole library
> is: http://rubyonwindows.blogspot.com/search/label/excel
> If you want to use .net libraries and you can't find ironruby examples,
> find VB.net examples and the are the easiest to translate to ruby.
> Side Notes:
> 1. MRI ruby can connect to autocad using the "win32ole" library. It is
> virtually the same as using VBA. Don't know how long this ability will
> last since VBA is going away.
> 2. David Blackmon has created helper libraries for drawing things in
> autocad at:
> http://www.davidkblackmon.com/autocad
> B/c coding autocad in .net is very messy.
> My understanding is David took what Kean did in his post and tried
> improve and expand it.  Last I tried to get David's version to work I
> couldn't. But I knew a lot less then :) I am not sure if he is actively
> working on his autocad_helper library or not.
> The previous commenters were correct in that there is not many people
> interested in this subject yet. I am.
> I am constanly working in excel and autocad so I will be glad to answer
> any question that I can. If you can give me your version of windows and
> your version of Autocad I can probably get you started. From there you
> can explore the vast undiscovered potential the 2-3 other people
> interested in this subject get to wander in.
> Timothy Barnes


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