[Ironruby-core] Encoding problem

Albert-Jan Pieter Nijburg albertjan at curit.com
Thu Jan 13 09:59:50 EST 2011

I Just found this:



puts "patiënt"


which outputs:  pati´┐¢nt 


It doesn’t crash anymore J

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I don't really know the solution to your question, but this might help:

ë is Unicode U+00EB, which is 0xC3AB in UTF-8 (so we are dealing with unicode rather than utf-8, which I assume is because IronRuby uses the immutable .NET strings internally with Unicode encoding).


The errors are expected if your default encoding is US-ASCII because it does not contain ë (and uses single bytes, so the 0x00EB would be broken into two bytes and your script would choke on the second 0xEB) : you will need to set your encoding to something compatible, like utf-8. 


I don't quite know how to do that properly in IronRuby, but in CRuby 1.9 you could use "magic comments" in your ruby file and in 1.8 something like $KCODE='u' could work. You might also be able to drop back into .NET and set the encoding there, but I'm not sure how that affects IronRuby assemblies.


I would start with $KCODE = 'u' Let me know how that works for you.




On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 6:33 PM, Albert-Jan Pieter Nijburg <albertjan at curit.com> wrote:

Hi Guys,


My boss thought it would be cool to use “ë” in an sql tablename, many of you will want to shoot her now J.


But now I did find something weird, I can’t even print “ë”.


It says:


tabaco.rb:16:in `puts': character U+00EB can't be encoded in US-ASCII (Encoding::InvalidByteSequenceError)

        from tabaco.rb:16




when I print the string somewhere else :S when it comes back from a method.


System::Text::DecoderFallbackException at /patient/0

Unable to translate bytes [EB] at index 3 from specified code page to Unicode.


Or when I don’t mess with it 


Encoding::InvalidByteSequenceError at /patient/0

invalid byte sequence EB on UTF-8



All the same problem coming from 3 places. 


Is this a fundamental issue or should this be solvable?


If you could point me in the right direction I could try to maybe fix it.







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