[Ironruby-core] IR WPF Project, ActiveRecord sqlite3-ironruby writes slow, reads fast

Sick Boy sb at dev-heaven.net
Thu Jan 6 10:51:46 EST 2011

I am since some weeks working with IronRuby.I do not consider myself a great programmer in neither Ruby or .NET, yet I really love Ruby, and in these past few weeks IronRuby and .NET in general has really grown on me; very powerful!So first; my gratitude for this amazing product, thanks to all who make this possible!
My project's available @ Github: https://github.com/sickboy/six-updater-gui
My current issue is that SQLite writes seem to take at least 0.7 seconds per write.So if I update 100 records at once in 1 query, it will take ~0.8s.But also if I update 1 record, it will take ~0.7s..In comparison, the same actions with mingw Ruby 1.9.2 (from RubyInstaller.org), these writes take only about 0.005s
Reads seem to be okay.
Is this a known problem? Is there anything that can be done about this?Do others see these long delays as well? How about msSQL (/Express)?

Not sure if I should create a seperate mail thread for this;The second problem i'm having is that when I load a database model with ActiveRecord 2.3.8 into a BindingList, and that to a BindingSource, and assign it to a DataGridView, everything is fine.When I use ActiveRecord 3.03, I get "A singleton class has no underlying system type". Unless I don't add records to the binding list, before assigning the BindingSource as data_source of the DataGridView, and instead, add records to the binding list after assigning the data_source.I am not sure how I should debug this problem.

Lastly I have the feeling (based on timing results in my logs) that processing IronRuby scripts is faster when they run through the ir.exe interpreter, than when they are executed in an engine from within a c# app.Could that be because certain optimizations are enabled in ir.exe, or something similair?

Thanks for your time! 		 	   		  
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