[Ironruby-core] Iron7 - what to checkin where...

Stuart Lodge me at slodge.com
Wed Jan 5 11:15:08 EST 2011

Happy New Year to you all :)

I'm back from skiing and I hope to get some time to try to do something
(some form of build and checkin) with iron7 next week - currently I'm
guessing what I'll do is:
- strip out the dependencies - e.g. things like Json.net, Hammock REST and
the CodeMirror editor
- then  check that in alongside some scripts for tetris, fingerpaint,
GPS/mapping, accelerometer, etc.
- I'll hopefully also include the code to allow the sample to work with
http://script.iron7.com - at least until the WP7 editor has cut and paste!

Currently I'm expecting this sample to complement the existing WP7 sample
rather than to replace it.

Alternatively, I could just checkin pretty much everything I have over on a
different code tree - e.g. on a new tree on codeplex or on github?

Does anyone have any preferences for what I check in or how I do it?

Also, if anyone's got any specific WP7 functionality they'd like to see
exposed/demoed then please let me know - it'll be easier to code while I can
still remember how it works ;)

Best wishes for 2011

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