[Ironruby-core] Error Using Bewildr Gem in V1.1.2

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 9 16:05:13 EST 2011

One possible explanation is following: If you run the gem with IronRuby 1.0 it runs in 1.8.6 compat mode. There may be a condition that checks for the RUBY_VERSION in the gem. On Ruby 1.1.2 the RUBY_VERSION is 1.9.2 and thus some other code path might be executed that depends on Hash#flatten. I don't think we regressed, it's just a missing feature. Feel free to implement it and send a pull request.


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Hi Larry,
undefined method `flatten' for {:name=>"Modeling"}:Hash (NoMethodError)

I can reproduce this here as well: https://gist.github.com/819024

My understanding is that Hash#flatten only exist on 1.9 and not on 1.8.

Is there a regression here maybe ?

-- Thibaut
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