[Ironruby-core] Preparing 1.1.2 release

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Mon Feb 7 12:55:50 EST 2011

Oops :(

Let's try again: http://cid-b3ba7307194acfee.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/IronRuby/IronRuby.msi

I have the binaries ready, will publish them in the evening unless there is some major issue. 


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Unfortunately none of the links are accessible...

Tomas Matousek wrote in post #979978:
> Preliminary binaries are here packaged as an .msi (hopefully, it's
> accessible):
> http://alturl.com/3xnzm
> Let me know if there were any problems with the installation. 
> Especially test various Gems - this release should fix the infamous 
> "can't convert NilClass into String" bug 
> (http://ironruby.codeplex.com/workitem/5728,
> http://ironruby.codeplex.com/workitem/5695, etc.).
> (an alternative link to the .msi is
> Thanks,
> Tomas

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