[Ironruby-core] How can you return the Rubified version of a CLR object back to the CLR?

Greg Houston lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Feb 7 10:29:32 EST 2011

But there is an Object that is a Ruby string which does understand
#reverse.  Is there a way to get that object from Ruby back to the DLR?

Take a look at: http://pastie.org/1537151

Using SimpleDelegator I can send back a delegate to Ruby's string and
access the reverse method.

Unfortunately, since the reversed string is sent back to the CLR, its a
System::String.   So I couldn't call str.reverse().reverse().

It should be possible to get back a Ruby String (or any other Ruby
object) and use it from C#.  Without this, you can not effectively use
IronRuby to enhance a legacy C# project.  It is like having a Berlin
Wall between the CLR and DLR.   As a visitor you can get into the DLR.
But as a citizen you cant get out of the DLR!

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