[Ironruby-core] Contributing?

Christopher Bennage christopher at bluespireconsulting.com
Mon Oct 25 14:20:15 EDT 2010

As someone who attempted to dive into IronRuby a couple of months ago, I
found it difficult to discern the "IronRuby Story" from the various
By that I mean that was not immediately obvious to me what information was
current and what was outdated. I'd like to see an executive summary of the
project that is updated at least once a month and perhaps a
more conspicuous hub for FeRb activity. (For example, see the one page site
we have for Caliburn -> http://www.caliburnproject.com/)

I'm .NET dev, but a ruby beginner. However, we're also a git shop,
OSS enthusiasts, and so on. That's just to say that tooling and culture were
not a roadblock.

I'd also be interested in contributing to the effort of web presence.

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