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Andrius Bentkus Andrius.Bentkus at rwth-aachen.de
Mon Oct 25 06:22:25 EDT 2010

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 1:57 AM, Michael Letterle <
michael.letterle at gmail.com> wrote:

> FWIW having separate IronRuby, IronPython, and Common repos that are
> sub moduled(is that a word?) would make sense, that way changes that
> are done in Common by both people working on Ruby and Python are
> easily shared.. the current configuration feels.. fragile.

There is a major problem: different vcs tools. I guess the IronPython
project will stay with TFS/SVN while IronRuby will use git(hub). Having
common submodule repos managed by different VCS would be a world of pain.
There is no way of dividing the project into submodules if IronPython
doesn't move to github/git. Maybe some git-svn magic would help and mirror
versions on github of the svn repositories would be needed.

I think that another major problem the IronRuby project has are the 4 sites
with IronRuby content. There are like 4 sites now on github, rubyforge,
ironruby.net and the codeplex with different content on ironruby. This is
madness, IronPython as only 2 sites, ironpython.net and codeplex  and that
makes sence. When I looked into the project I was just confused, because I
couldn't find any information and the little bits of Information were
scattered and outdated. And this is a real dilemma, because you just can't
move away from any of these sites: you have to stay at codeplex at because
it is an Iron project, you have to stay at rubyforge because it is ruby
afterall, you can't move from github, because all the ruby kids use git, so
there is only ironruby.net left, but you can't get rid of that either, it's
after all the ironruby domain.
The purposes of the sites need to be trimmed down: use codeplex and
rubyforge only for binary distribution, github for versioning, issue
tracking and wiki and ironruby.net as a presentation site just like
ironpython.net is, cut the documentation out of it and stuff it in the
github wiki, redudancy is hard to version.
I don't think that keeping the issue tracking system on codeplex really
helps in any way: people who are interested only in IronRuby have to
register now on codeplex and github, people who are interested in bot iron
projects will have to register on both anyway.

I guess splitting up this this project is a nasty nasty dilemma, because the
project tries to unite different communities which have different tool
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