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Thanks for getting back at me. I think it would be wise to start with
something that I know. I’ve written a plugin for VS2010 before, and feel
quite comfortable doing that, even though it’s a large and complex

I’ll check out the IronRuby VS integration as it is.

What I like about programming Ruby Netbeans and RubyMine is that they have a
built in test runner for RSpec. Is there an RSpec test runner for VS and
IronRuby? If not, that would be a fun task to start with :)


On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 6:24 PM, Tomas Matousek <
Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com> wrote:

>  Hi Gøran,
> Good to see your interest.
> The Wiki might be a bit out of date. Some areas that need work and nobody’s
> working on them afaik (if anyone works on it, speak up) are
> -          Complex and Rational numbers (new to 1.9): to make stuff work I
> took 1.8 implementations and loaded them to emulate builtin Complex and
> Rational classes. This is a big hack. We need to implement these classes in
> C# in the standard libraries. To support .NET interop the implementation
> should also convert to the existing Complex type on the platform. This is a
> good task for someone who likes hacking numbers.
> -          Related one: although BigDecimal class is implemented it feels
> like it needs some perf improvements – I noticed some specs are running
> quite slower than MRI. There are also some failing specs in BigDecimal (and
> BigNum) that would be good to fix so that we have fully compatible
> implementation.
> -          If you are into cryptography one big missing piece is OpenSSL
> implementation. There might be pieces that you can share with IronPython’s
> ssl library implementation.
> -          Then there is bunch of misc failing specs that need to be
> fixed. One big area is ARGF but there are many others as well. See
> External.LCA_RESTRICTED\Languages\IronRuby\mspec\ironruby-tags-19.
> -          If you were more interested in compiler and runtime you can
> look into implementing nested method parameters and optional block
> parameters. This is quite tricky though you need to really understand how
> the runtime works to implement it correctly.
> -          VS integration always needs improvements. The VS is quite
> complex environment so it takes a while to learn how it works.
> Then there is FFI implementation going on – maybe it needs some help?
> Let me know if you have any questions.
> Thanks,
> Tomas
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> Hi there
> I would love to contribute to this open source project. I’ve been learning
> Ruby for the last year, and I’ve fallen in love with the language. It’s not
> in my way, it’s fun and productive.
> I’ve been a .NET developer for too many years, and it was really fun to
> experience such a great language as Ruby outside the .NET world.
> Nevertheless, I would love to be able to run Ruby upon the .NET runtime,
> especially in my projects at work. For me to be able to use it in real world
> projects, it has to become faster and more stable. My employer is a big fan
> of standardization and well known solutions. They wouldn’t go for anything
> except Java or .NET. I’m sure they don’t mind what language we use, but they
> do care about the platform.
> How can I help? Are the Contribution ideas still valid?
> http://github.com/ironruby/ironruby/wiki/Contribution-Ideas
> When things ended as they did, and Microsoft stopped to support the Iron*
> languages, I was really happy how they made the handover to the community.
> With Miguel and his team in charge, I’m sure this is going to end well. I
> believe there are many .NET developers out there that would love to be able
> to run Ruby code in .NET.
> Hope to hear from you soon!
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