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Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
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Well, this is just a bunch of random features that just come to my mind at the moment. The complete list of missing stuff is basically the same as the list of failing specs :-). I think it should be posted on the Wiki rather than InfoQ but feel free to post whatever you consider useful. 


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Would it be alright if I reposted this list on InfoQ? Perhaps a little news coverage will bring in fresh blood.


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Hi Gøran,
Good to see your interest.

The Wiki might be a bit out of date. Some areas that need work and nobody's working on them afaik (if anyone works on it, speak up) are

-          Complex and Rational numbers (new to 1.9): to make stuff work I took 1.8 implementations and loaded them to emulate builtin Complex and Rational classes. This is a big hack. We need to implement these classes in C# in the standard libraries. To support .NET interop the implementation should also convert to the existing Complex type on the platform. This is a good task for someone who likes hacking numbers.

-          Related one: although BigDecimal class is implemented it feels like it needs some perf improvements - I noticed some specs are running quite slower than MRI. There are also some failing specs in BigDecimal (and BigNum) that would be good to fix so that we have fully compatible implementation.

-          If you are into cryptography one big missing piece is OpenSSL implementation. There might be pieces that you can share with IronPython's ssl library implementation.

-          Then there is bunch of misc failing specs that need to be fixed. One big area is ARGF but there are many others as well. See External.LCA_RESTRICTED\Languages\IronRuby\mspec\ironruby-tags-19.

-          If you were more interested in compiler and runtime you can look into implementing nested method parameters and optional block parameters. This is quite tricky though you need to really understand how the runtime works to implement it correctly.

-          VS integration always needs improvements. The VS is quite complex environment so it takes a while to learn how it works.

Then there is FFI implementation going on - maybe it needs some help?

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi there

I would love to contribute to this open source project. I've been learning Ruby for the last year, and I've fallen in love with the language. It's not in my way, it's fun and productive.

I've been a .NET developer for too many years, and it was really fun to experience such a great language as Ruby outside the .NET world. Nevertheless, I would love to be able to run Ruby upon the .NET runtime, especially in my projects at work. For me to be able to use it in real world projects, it has to become faster and more stable. My employer is a big fan of standardization and well known solutions. They wouldn't go for anything except Java or .NET. I'm sure they don't mind what language we use, but they do care about the platform.

How can I help? Are the Contribution ideas still valid? http://github.com/ironruby/ironruby/wiki/Contribution-Ideas

When things ended as they did, and Microsoft stopped to support the Iron* languages, I was really happy how they made the handover to the community. With Miguel and his team in charge, I'm sure this is going to end well. I believe there are many .NET developers out there that would love to be able to run Ruby code in .NET.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Gøran Hansen
Aspiring Software Craftsman
Microsoft Regional Director

mail at goeran.no<mailto:mail at goeran.no>
+47 452 39 113

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