[Ironruby-core] Contributing?

Mike Moore blowmage at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 20:10:22 EDT 2010

With a brave new world ahead for IronRuby, what do you all think about the
following ideas?

1) Move to GitHub - I won't likely contribute if I have to use CodePlex. And
I'd like to contribute. Can we do like the rest of Mono and make GitHub the
central repository and source of all truth? Please?

2) Detach IronPython - Looking through the code, it seems that IronPython is
in the same repo. I'm sure this is a holdover of how Microsoft had
everything organized. And I'm sure it made sense then, but I don't think it
makes sense now. I'd like to work on IronRuby, and I honestly don't care
about having to check IronPython. Now that the DLR API is fixed, and there
is no longer one Microsoft group in charge of both projects, can we move
these into separate repos?

3) Detach from Visual Studio - I'm not on Windows, and I won't be using
Visual Studio. I'd prefer everything to build with rake tasks on Windows and
Mono. I assume things are the way they are right now because of Microsoft's
build process. And right now it does not seem possible for me to build
without Visual Studio. What about devs who are using MonoDevelop? Or any of
the more powerful text editors? I'm convinced this is a major hurdle to
getting many of the other Rubyist language implementors involved. Assuming I
am not alone on this, is it possible we can make this project reflect the
realities of the majority of folks that would like to contribute?

4) Remove ancillary projects into their own repos - IronRuby.Rack should
live in its own repo, IMO. So should the Visual Studio tools. This is
similar to separating IronPython into its own repo, but it needs to go
further. Are there any reasons this should not be done?

What else do you guys think needs to change now that IronRuby is free from
Microsoft's processes?
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