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Mike Hatfield oakraven13 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 14:15:32 EST 2010

It seems that Cucumber for IronRuby is a little broken at the moment.
 There's an issue with Gherkin (the bdd language used by Cucumber and

To get around this, I installed an older version of Cucumber that did not
have this dependency.

I installed Cucumber 1.6.4 with the command:
igem install cucumber -v=1.6.4

It needed iron-term-ansicolor, I installed that with:
igem install iron-term-ansicolor

To get Cucumber to run with IronRuby, I created a batch file in the IronRuby
bin folder called icucumber.bat.  My bat file looks like:
REM This is to tell IronRuby where to find gems.
"C:\Users\mike.hatfield.NICOM\.pik\rubies\IronRuby-10v4\bin\cucumber" %*

Your batch file's GEM_PATH and executable paths are probably different than
mine, I'm running IronRuby with PIK (allows me to run multiple versions of

I then started the feature from the MSDN article.  I had to change "Story:"
to "Feature:".  My story is:
Feature: Pricing for New Product X
  As a sales administrator, I want to be able to view
  prices for product x so that I can provide customers
  with an accurate cost for their requirements.

  Scenario: Single User License for Product X without support
    Given Product X
    When user requests a 1 user license
    And this does not include support
    Then the price should be $250

I called this file story.feature and saved it in a folder called features.

If you run the following cucumber command, you should get the initial
cucumber story run.
icucumber features

This gives you a list of steps (When clauses) that need to be implemented in
your step definitions to make the story pass.

Inside the features folder I created another folder called step_definitons.
 Inside the step_definitons folder, I created a file called product_steps.rb

Now, for the .NET class library.  I created three class files:
namespace Bdd.Store
  public class Product
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public double Price { get; set; }

namespace Bdd.Store
  public class Store
    public Product FindByProductName(string name)
      Product product = new Product { Name = name };
      return product;

namespace Bdd.Store
  public class Purchase
    public Product Product{ get; set; }
    public int Licenses { get; set; }
    public bool IncludesSupport { get; set; }
    public double GetTotalPurchasePrice()
      double price = Product.Price * Licenses;
      double supportFees = 0.0;
        supportFees = price * 0.10;

      return price + supportFees;

I then compiled these into an assembly called Product.dll using the CSharp
compiler command (run from my Visual Studio Command window):
csc /out:Product.dll /target:library Product.cs Store.cs Purchase.cs

I then required my Product.dll into my step definitions file (
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/Product.dll"

Just as a convenience, I "include" my Bdd.Store namespace:
include Bdd::Store

I also require RSepc
require "rspec"

Lastly, I begin implementing my steps:
Given /^Product (.*)$/ do |product|
  @store = Store.new
  @product = @store.find_by_product_name(product)
  @product.price = 250;
  @product.name.should == product

and so on and so forth.  You can download my files from
Example with CSharp.zip I hope this helps a little.

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