[Ironruby-core] Ironruby-core Digest, Vol 39, Issue 13

andrew Wilson a.wilson82 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 12:01:31 EST 2010

Re: [Ironruby-core] Lowercase classname


I wasn't aware I could pull the classes and namespaces that way, so I am
actually super glad this opportunity exists.  Understanding that IronRuby
should be syntactically be the same, I'd like to offer that it'd be "ideal"
(for me at least) if this conversion happened more seamlessly (perhaps a
special require option?).  That is-- when I pull in a .net application it'd
be nice if the boiler plate code to correct the namespacing / object rules
could generated by using the metadata of the assembly and some proper casing

I perhaps could even write this myself if anyone else thought it be useful,
though I cannot commit to a timeline :)

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