[Ironruby-core] Name mangling seems broken

Tinco Andringa mail at tinco.nl
Mon Nov 22 22:31:23 EST 2010

Hey guys,

I seem to have IronRuby name mangling in a rather inconsistent state.
I was under the impression it would automagically work, but it seems
it only changed the array #methods returns and not the actual methods
it responds to...

>>> BWAPI::Bwapi.BWAPIClient.is_connected
(ir):1: undefined method `is_connected' for BWAPI.Client:BWAPI::Client (NoMethod
>>> BWAPI::Bwapi.BWAPIClient.isConnected
=> false
>>> BWAPI::Bwapi.BWAPIClient.respond_to? :isConnected
=> true
>>> BWAPI::Bwapi.BWAPIClient.respond_to? :is_connected
=> false
>>> BWAPI::Bwapi.BWAPIClient.methods - Object.new.methods
=> ['finalize', 'dispose', 'get_hash_code', 'equals', '==', 'data=', 'data', 'is
_connected', 'connect', 'disconnect', 'update', 'swig_c_mem_own', 'swig_c_mem_ow
=> ""

So it does not respond to 'is_connected' but 'is_connected' is in the
methods array.

Anyone an idea what I could have missed?


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