[Ironruby-core] Using win32ole "connect" method on Ironruby

Andrius Bentkus andrius.bentkus at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 13:23:00 EST 2010

Checkout(by that I mean get a copy) the code from github.

The IronRuby implementation of win32ole is in
Languages/Ruby/Libs/win32ole.rb, it uses System.__ComObject from the .NET
world to implement the interface  (as the header comment tells one).

If you are familiar with COM Objects (I am not) and you know how to achieve
the functionality of WIN32OLE.connect with System.__ComObject C# then it
should be straight obvious what you need to do. Just use some interop magic
in win32ole.rb to utilize the .NET world.

Your implementation should comply with the standard WIN32OLE implementation
in ruby, you can easily look it up in
click [Source].

If you are not familiar with COM in C#, well, there are plenty of tutorials
on the net.

Just implement the function as clean as possible, commit, add a testcase to
Languages/Ruby/Tests/Interop/com/win32ole_spec.rb, commit, verify if it
works with your code and the testcase, make a pull request on github.
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