[Ironruby-core] Questions around load order of rb files in Libs and StdLib

Alistair Bush ali_bush at gentoo.org
Mon Nov 8 05:23:47 EST 2010

More questions.

Im assuming that Lib is loaded before StdLib and can therefore override any 
implementations in StdLib right?

Also the Readme file states

"complex18.rb and rational18.rb are taken from MRI 1.8.6 
      - this should be replaced by IronRuby's own implementation of Complex 
and Rational builtins in future 

    gem_prelude.rb taked from Ruby 1.9.2 source distribution and adapted
      - should be replaced by an implementation in IronRuby.Libraries.dll"

Im kinda assuming that the first question is correct here. but would we be able 
to have the complex/rational and gem_prelude files located in the Lib 
directory.  I would like it if the StdLib is as vanilla as possible 
(preferrably 100% minus any *.so if that makes you happy).

The reason I ask is because I plan on not using the StdLib dir from your tree 
at all when I package IronRuby.  but will instead point it to ruby19's.  This 
will save hd space/maintainance effort and mean we can fix stdlib bugs without 
waiting for ironruby upstream releases.

- Alistair.

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