[Ironruby-core] Cleaning up of the Source Tree - Removal of Redundant files

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Thu Nov 4 16:17:15 EDT 2010

Yes, we shouldn't have any .cs files that are not included in any .csproj. I would be surprised if there were too many of them but there might be some. Feel free to send a patch that deletes them.

Microsoft.Scripting.Core directory includes DLR v1.0 that shipped in .NET 4.0 in System.Core. We still need these for Windows Phone 7 builds though (Silverlight3 configuration).

I removed *.build.csproj files last week. I don't see any now:

Did you sync to the latest version of the repo?


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As ive already mentioned there are currently (within Runtime at least) a large number of *.cs files that are not included in any csproj files.  These files seem to implement classes that already exist within System.* dll's.

There also seem to be some *Build*csproj files.  Are these maintained?  If not, we should clean them up as well.

Are we able to clean up all those redundant files please.  I will provide a patch during the weekend for it but currently im only looking at DLR (that the patch will only cover Runtime/*)

Could we also introduce a policy that in future if we remove a file from a project it also gets deleted (assuming you are removing it from all projects).


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