[Ironruby-core] IR on Mono build notes - 3/20/2010

C.J. Adams-Collier cjac at colliertech.org
Sat Mar 20 14:08:44 EDT 2010

Hey all,

I'm getting a couple of errors while building IR on Mono.  I've poked at
it using the and 2.4.4~svn151842-1 .deb packages as well as from

With the .deb packages, the only problem with the xbuild system is that
yaml -> Yaml case sensitivity problem.  After applying the patch
(attached), I get a compiler error:

Internal compiler  error at Ast/GeneratorRewriter.cs(797,39): :
exception caught while emitting MethodBuilder

I brought this up with Marek, and he told me to try using the compiler
from trunk, which makes sense.

It seems that building xbuild from trunk puts the *.targets under
$PREFIX/lib/mono/4.0 and not $PREFIX/lib/mono/2.0.

/usr/src/git/github/ironruby/Merlin/Main/Languages/Ruby/Ruby.sln:  warning : 
            /usr/src/git/github/ironruby/Merlin/Main/Languages/Ruby/IronRuby.Tests/IronRuby.Tests.csproj: Imported project: "/opt/mono/lib/mono/2.0/Microsoft.CSharp.targets" 
            does not exist.

Copying them from the 4.0 directory seems to fix the problem.  At that
point, I get these warnings:

/usr/src/git/github/ironruby/Merlin/Main/Languages/Ruby/Ruby.sln:  warning : Don't know how to handle GlobalSection TeamFoundationVersionControl, Ignoring.
/usr/src/git/github/ironruby/Merlin/Main/Languages/Ruby/Ruby.sln (default targets) ->
(ValidateSolutionConfiguration target) ->
: error : Error initializing task Message: Not registered task Message.

I've brought these issues up with Ankit, the maintainer of xbuild.  I
figure we'll do some investigation on Monday, since I'm cleaning the
back yard today. ;)

Just thought you all might want to know how things are going.



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