[Ironruby-core] $KCODE, -KU and CLR strings

Tomas Matousek Tomas.Matousek at microsoft.com
Mon Mar 15 18:36:17 EDT 2010

Setting $KCODE = "U" doesn't actually affect the encoding of the literal in the same compilation unit. It only affects literals that are parsed after the KCODE is set.

$KCODE = "U"
x = "日本語"
p x.Encoding			# => ASCII-8BIT since the current compilation unit (a file) was parsed using BINARY encoding
p x.size 			# => 9 bytes

y = eval('"日本語"')
p y.Encoding			# => KCODE: UTF8
p y.size				# => 9 since String#size in MRI 1.8.6 doesn't understand encodings, it counts in bytes

c = x.to_clr_string		# this is essentially creating a string whose non ASCII characters are not correctly encoded in UTF8 (they are UTF8 bytes widened to 16bits)
p c.size				# => 9 characters
p c.Encoding			# => UTF-8 since CLR string doesn't hold on an encoding. When you ask for its bytes we need to use some encoding. 
				# Maybe we could choose UTF16 but MRI 1.8.6 has at least some support for.

d = y.to_clr_string		# correctly encoded string
d c.Encoding			# UTF-8
p d.size				# 3 characters

Encodings in 1.8.6 are not very well supported and it is difficult to implement good interop between CLR and MRI strings. It would get better in the next version of IronRuby which will target compatibility with 1.9.


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Hi everyone,
please consider this snippet:

$KCODE = "U"
puts "日本語".to_clr_string.length

When I run it by launching ir.exe without any option I get 9 as an output (each character in that string is actually made up of 3 bytes with UTF-8 encoding), and when I do the same with the -KU option being passed to ir.exe I get 3. Aside from the fact that I think that 3 is to be considered the right behaviour here, shouldn't the sole $KCODE = "U" have the same effect of starting ir.exe with the -KU option?


Daniele Alessandri
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