[Ironruby-core] Consuming DynamicObjects in IronRuby

Robert Walker RWalker at kinaxis.com
Tue Mar 2 16:22:21 EST 2010

(All work done with VS2010 RC and matching IronRuby build (v0.9.40, 07-Feb-10)).

I have a C# assembly that implements a dynamic object. When I try to use this object from Ruby I get the error:

>>> r.StdUnitCost
System.Core:0:in `BindCore': unbound variable: Param_0 (TypeError)
        from (ir):1

This usage works fine from a test C# 4.0 app using the 'dynamic' keyword.

I suspect that the issue is related to the version of the DLR in use -- there are a number of 'InvalidOperationExceptions' being thrown from the Microsoft.Dynamic.dll and I believe this is no longer a shipping assembly with .NET 4?

Is there a (simple) work around for this?


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