[Ironruby-core] Open-Uri Path in App.Config

Mohammad Azam lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Mar 1 10:52:11 EST 2010

I copied the ironruby config file into my application's config file and 
removed all the path variables from my application but it did not work. 
Then I added the "C:\devtools\ironruby-1.0-rc1\lib\ironruby" path and 
removed the app.config and then it worked out.

Any ideas that why even copy pasting the app.config from ironruby to my 
application app.config did not work?

Jim Deville wrote:
> You need to include the rest of the ironruby search paths. For example. 
> "C:\devtools\ironruby-1.0-rc1\lib\ironruby"
> Also, the ir.exe.config from c:\devtools\ironruby-1.0-rc1\bin should be 
> setup exactly like you want. If you provide that to your app it should 
> just work. That's why we install that config file.
> JD

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