[Ironruby-core] Syncing RubySpec and mspec

Will Green will at hotgazpacho.org
Tue Jun 29 00:16:44 EDT 2010

Hey all!

I've been talking with Jim via email about helping with syncing IronRuby's
copy of RubySpec and mspec with the official repos. I'v started work on
pulling in the latest RubySpec changes. These also require the latest mspec.
Well, it looks like the default.mspec file is no longer compatible with the
latest version of mspec.

My integration branch is here:
And the errors I'm getting when running mspec are here:

I have very little knowledge of mspec, and googling for the error brings up
older posts from this list saying not to use that version of mspec. So,
maybe someone who knows more about it could take a look?


Will Green
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