[Ironruby-core] igems update --system, [BUG] invalid exec_format "ir", no %s

Andrew Badera lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jun 25 13:35:01 EDT 2010

Hi all, Ruby n00b here. Longtime Windows/.NET guy primarily.

Trying to get IronRuby and RoR up and running on Windows 7 x64 with
IIS7.5, with .NET 4.0 installed along with the IronRuby 1.0v4 release.

Running into the RubyGems igem update --system issue with the response

[BUG] invalid exec_format "ir", no %s

I've seen Marcin Obel's/Kevin Radcliffe's fix:


I've tried it, but I still get the error. I've put that snippet in an
ironruby.rb under ruby\1.8\, ruby\1.8\gems\rubygems\default,
site_ruby\1.8\gems\rubygems and site_ruby\1.8\rubygems\defaults, all to
no avail.

Am I missing something? Doing something obviously wrong?

Thanks in advance-
--Andy Badera
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