[Ironruby-core] Visual Ruby / Ruby in Steel - what's up?

Ivo Balbaert ivo.balbaert at advalvas.be
Fri Jun 25 10:47:00 EDT 2010

I agree totally.
It is a shame the guys from SapphireSteel don't continue their integration
work in Visual Studio for IronRuby.
They did a terrific job for integrating Ruby in Visual Studio.
Microsoft should be very grateful to them, buying the code they already
wrote for the integration of IronRuby in VS (for example they build a forms
designer), and working further upon that to make a good integration of
IronRuby in Visual Studio, somewhat also along the lines what they did for

Ivo Balbaert

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I would prefer a visual studio 2010 compatible solution.

The rationale about that is the integration with SQL Server
and the .net windows world.
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