[Ironruby-core] Visual Ruby / Ruby in Steel — what's up?

Roger Sperberg lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jun 25 10:11:00 EDT 2010

Miguel Madero wrote:
> One question, what sort of Xaml/IR integration are you looking at?

First, what Shay Friedman says in talking about IDE's in "IronRuby 
Unleashed" on page 37: "the ability to run IronRuby directly" from its 

And secondly, what my colleague(s) show me with VS and C# — automatic 
creation of code-behind files and placeholder code when creating a 
project and when adding objects (like buttons) to XAML.

Eduardo Blumenfeld wrote:
> I would like to add to the list of questions whether Ruby in Steel does 
> have support to Visual Studio 2010 (regardless of the fact that for now 
> they don't support ironruby).

This is also a question I have, and I'm glad you brought it up, Eduardo.

If I were to purchase Ruby in Steel text edition (I won't be doing any 
Rails work), I'd be working with one of the no-charge Express editions 
of VS and other considerations make the 2010 version preferable for our 

Shay Friedman wrote:
>I have instructions how to do that in my book and I've found out that 
>you can get it for free on Amazon (should I even say that? eh whatever) - 
> ...
>One thing to notice - RubyMine is not free, but I think it worth the 

Your book is worth the money too. I purchased it a week ago and am glad 
I did.

I wonder — are there updates online to account for differences in the 
release version from the pre-release version the book was written from? 
I'm thinking particularly of chapter 16 on Silverlight.

I'm defintely tilted toward VS right now as an IDE, because I can get 
things explained by people I work with who use it. But I wonder: Does 
RubyMine work well with XAML?

And I followed the link to ironshay.com in your signature, which led me 
to the post from Dec 2008 on using VS to debug and run IronRuby code[1]. 
Does that still work? I'll be trying it out after I get off work.




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