[Ironruby-core] Visual Ruby / Ruby in Steel — what's up?

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Hi Rober,

A great option might be RubyMine. There was some discussion in their forum
last year about making it work for IR. Not sure how far this got, but AFAIR
they were going to look into it. Here's an old post from
how to make it work (on a prev version of RubyMine). A quick google
didn't show any updates, so I'm not sure what's the status of this.

One question, what sort of Xaml/IR integration are you looking at?


On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 9:50 AM, Eduardo Blumenfeld <lists at ruby-forum.com>wrote:

> Roger Sperberg wrote:
> > I'd like to use Visual Studio to work with IronRuby projects. (As a
> > developer and in Ruby, I'm a relative beginner; the group I'm working
> > with is committed to using VS.)
> >
> > Am I correct in understanding that, up until recently, the way to get IR
> > integrated most thoroughly into VS was through Ruby in Steel?
> >
> > I've read the back-and-forth about Microsoft's non-commitment to a
> > making a Ruby equivalent of Visual Python.
> >
> > As a practical matter, if I get the Text edition of Ruby in Steel will
> > that provide the essential features I would want to integrate XAML work
> > with Ruby coding?
> >
> > Has anything changed on the Microsoft end that would settle whether a
> > Visual Ruby will appear?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Roger Sperberg
> Unfortunately several months ago ruby in steel decided to stop giving
> support to IronRuby, I hope they change their mind in the near future.
> I would like to add to the list of questions whether Ruby in Steel does
> have support to Visual Studio 2010 (regardless of the fact that for now
> they don't support ironruby).
> Thank you, (and sorry Roger for adding to your question another one and
> not being helpful for you)
> Eduardo Blumenfeld
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