[Ironruby-core] OpenSSL

Will Green will at hotgazpacho.org
Mon Jun 21 20:16:31 EDT 2010

Hello, everyone!

After flailing about a bit this weekend with my utter lack of understanding
of cryptography in general, I've started work on fleshing out OpenSSL
support. I'll be working on it here:

I've written some code, more than I probably should have without specs first
:-P As this is my first stab at writing extensions for IronRuby, I would
appreciate it someone from the core team could take a quick look at it and
make sure I'm headed down the right path.

Now that I have a better handle as to what is going on, I'm going to proceed
with some spec writing, based off of the MRI C code, found here:

Before I get too far, should I be targeting 1.8.7, or something in the 1.9
series? I haven't checked to see how/if they differ, but I'd like to target
one for now to get a base down, and perform an necessary porting later.

One more question: When defining Ruby properties, do I need to define a
static C# method for each of the get and set methods, like so:
<http://gist.github.com/447738>or is there a way to define a property on an
underlying C# object, and mark it with a single attribute for get and set,
like so:


Will Green
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