[Ironruby-core] WatiN .NET 4.0 and the loadFromRemoteSources Element in App.config

Mohammad Azam lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Jun 21 11:49:20 EDT 2010

Will Green wrote:
> Your app is not the thing trying to load that assembly, IronRuby is. So,
> you'll need to add that to IronRuby's app.config.
> That said, why are you trying to load an assembly from a network 
> location in
> your tests? That is, IMO bad testing practice.
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> Will Green
> http://hotgazpacho.org/

I am not sure what you mean by IronRuby app.config. Where is IronRuby 
app.config located? I guess it should be in the installed folder of 

Also, I am just loading an assembly from my local machine.

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