[Ironruby-core] What gems are available for Acceptance Testing Using IronRuby

Cory Foy cory.foy at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 12:09:02 EDT 2010

Hi Mohammad,

Mohammad Azam wrote:
> I know that I cannot use WatiR because of its C implementation but what
> other tools (gems) are available which can be used for acceptance testing
> (browser, winforms, wpf) applications.

In addition to WatiR there is WatiN (.NET) and WatiJ (Java). You might 
have better success with WatiN. There's also Selenium. Though a bit old, 
here's an article on setting up Selenium with Cucumber: 

> Has anyone successfully integrated any of the gems with IronRuby?

I've not tried, but others may have. You may also look at FitNesse since 
it has both .NET and Ruby extensions, and I wonder if that would work 
with IronRuby.

Cory Foy

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