[Ironruby-core] Ironruby and Gentoo Linux

Alistair Bush ali_bush at gentoo.org
Mon Jul 12 19:58:16 EDT 2010

> Ivan Porto Carrero (@casualjim) had a ci build for linux running at one
> time. You could check with him. I believe he was running off of mono trunk
> (2.7) at the time.
Yes,  I have seen his git repo and it looks a little out of date.  I don't 
think ive got much of a problem building ironruby.  As I can already do it.

The only things ive got to do is make the assemblies strong named so that they 
can be installed into the gac and to split the Microsoft.Dynamic and Scripting 
dlls into 1 or 2 separate packages.  I'll also want to submit any changes to 
do this back to ironruby.  From what ive seen the Rakefiles doesn't support 
specifying keyfiles so I'll have to add that to their functionality.


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