[Ironruby-core] Preview of ironruby-rack gem

Kevin Radcliffe kevin.radcliffe at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 17:20:28 EDT 2010


As mentioned before, it appears (at least on my own Windows 7 x64 system)
that add_acl (in lib\rack\deploy\iis.rb) was not giving FullControl rights
to IIS_IUSRS as expected.
This results in the "cannot read configuration file" that Ryan reported

I was able to get the system to give appropriate rights to IIS_IUSRS but in
a very strange way:

I had to give it 2 FileSystemAccessRules, one simpler one and the full one
(that you already had in iis.rb)
If I give it one or the other but not BOTH, it will add IIS_IUSRS as a user
of the app directory, but will NOT give it any permissions at all.

Here's the gist with my minor edits (in case it is helpful).
(again, this is from lib\rack\deploy\iis.rb):


Unfortunately, I'm not really sure WHY this is the case.
It seems strange to be required to essentially add 2 rules that appear to do
the same thing.

Best Regards,
Kevin Radcliffe
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