[Ironruby-core] Ironruby and Gentoo Linux

Alistair Bush ali_bush at gentoo.org
Wed Jul 7 16:09:29 EDT 2010

> We used to include IronPython in IronRuby's repo in order to make sure it
> would work with us since IronPython had a different source layout. I
> removed it when IronPython removed most of their transforms, but I could
> add it if needed. DLR's codeplex site should have all 3 projects in it, so
> that might be an option. 

I suppose that is completely up to you.  What im more worried about is there 
being 2 parallel streams of development for DLR but from the sounds of it that 
doesn't really occur.  obviously my main effort will be packaging your releases 
which you sync anyway.

> While we don't have resources to setup automated
> tests on other OSes, if you were able to help prepare a VHD for Hyper-V, I
> could try to get it into our systems (assuming I don't get pushback from
> legal and so on :(). If you are interested, feel free to contact me
> directly and we'll go from there.
I will be able to create ebuilds (the build scripts we use) that target your 
git repositories.   Currently I have those "live" packages reinstalling (and 
doing an update) weekly on my system.  In the future it might be nice to have 
more but it will do for now.  I won't be able to get ironruby into the tree at 
least until the next release of mono as it will not build with 2.6.4 (a mono 
bug I think you guys now about).  but it does with mono trunk.


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