[Ironruby-core] IronRuby-Rake-0.0.9-Universal-dotnet only for IIS 7?

Jimmy Schementi jimmy at schementi.com
Wed Jul 7 14:40:54 EDT 2010

The deploy2iis hasn't been tested on IIS6; I can provide a better error
message in the meantime. The application generated by rack2aspnet should run
on IIS6, so let me know if at least that works for you. deploy2iis is just
intended to do the one-time setup required to run the application in IIS; I
can also include the manual steps in the error message when IIS7 isn't

If you're interested in tracking down some of the issues on IIS6 and
reporting more directed bugs / submitting patches, I'd be more than happy to
support configuring IIS6 for IronRuby Rack.


On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 11:10 AM, Nick Hird <nrhird at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a Windows XP machine and noticed when i try and run the deploy2iis i
> get an error (see below). Looking at the source of the error its trying to
> do something with the user IIS_IUSRS which isn't a user under Windows XP. Is
> this by design? I know Windows XP is old and all, but getting work to
> upgrade isnt possible right now. I changed the user to the IIS user under
> Windows XP and now it says it can connect to the server but it just cant
> view the page, 403 Error, it created the site in IIS. Any ideas?
> Error:
> C:\Code>deploy2iis myapp C:\Code
> mscorlib:0:in `Translate': Some or all identity references could not be
> translated. (System::Security::Principal::IdentityNotMappedException)
>         from mscorlib:0:in `Translate'
>         from mscorlib:0:in `ModifyAccess'
>         from mscorlib:0:in `AddAccessRule'
>         from mscorlib:0:in `AddAccessRule'
>         from
> C:/IronRuby/lib/ironruby/gems/1.8/gems/ironruby-rack-0.0.9-universal-dotnet/bin/../lib/rack/deploy/iis.rb:161:in
> `add_acl'
>         from
> C:/IronRuby/lib/ironruby/gems/1.8/gems/ironruby-rack-0.0.9-universal-dotnet/bin/../lib/rack/deploy/iis.rb:48:in
> `set_permissions'
>         from
> C:/IronRuby/lib/ironruby/gems/1.8/gems/ironruby-rack-0.0.9-universal-dotnet/bin/../lib/rack/deploy/iis.rb:32:in
> `deploy'
>         from
> C:/IronRuby/lib/ironruby/gems/1.8/gems/ironruby-rack-0.0.9-universal-dotnet/bin/deploy2iis:36:in
> `__send__'
>         from
> C:/IronRuby/lib/ironruby/gems/1.8/gems/ironruby-rack-0.0.9-universal-dotnet/bin/deploy2iis:36
>         from C:/IronRuby/bin/deploy2iis:19:in `load'
>         from C:/IronRuby/bin/deploy2iis:19
> Code:
> def set_permissions app_path
>   dfr = FileSystemRights.full_control
>   gan = 'IIS_IUSRS'
>   unless acl_exists? app_path, dfr, gan
>     add_acl app_path, dfr, gan
>   end
> end
> Thanks,
> Nick
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