[Ironruby-core] Ironruby and Gentoo Linux

Alistair Bush ali_bush at gentoo.org
Wed Jul 7 08:11:11 EDT 2010

Hi guys.

Im a developer/packager for Gentoo Linux [1] and I have been looking at 
packaging IronRuby.    Within gentoo the long-term goal would be to have all 
>300 ruby packages ( could be anything from gems to applications ) supported 
by IronRuby (this also includes their unit tests [2]) and to have the ability 
to set IronRuby as the system ruby implementation ( ie no cruby just IronRuby 

We have ways of supporting specific ruby implementations so minor compatibility 
issues wont be a problem. So don't start worrying :)

Hopefully you guys are interested in this as I would like to get IronRuby into 
a state where it is easy to package.  This leads me onto the following...

I noticed that within your git repository you have the Microsoft.Dynamic and 
Scripting projects.   I also believe that they are replicated in the 
IronPython tree but have different assembly version numbers. this is fine by 
itself but more concerned about pulling 2 version of a package from 2 different 

Is there a master repository for these projects.  Is it safe to package 
directly them from your repository ( ie have you made any changes to them? 
would ironpython have?)

I also checked out your git repository and have noticed the some of the 
Rakefiles are missing.  (eg Languages/Ruby/Rakefile ).  It seems that you guys 
had continuous integration for mono but that website seems to be down.  



[1] Gentoo is a source-based linux distro,  we compile everything from source. 
even things that don't get compiled like ruby/perl are "compiled".  see 
www.gentoo.org for more.

[2] From a ruby perspective the major benefit of [1] is that we can run the 
packages testsuite before we install the package.  In rubys case we could run 
the testsuite against multiple implementations of ruby ( ruby18 ruby18 ree 
jruby and eventually ironruby with any luck)

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