[Ironruby-core] Preview of ironruby-rack gem

Kevin Radcliffe kevin.radcliffe at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 16:11:17 EDT 2010

 This is great! Thanks for your work.

 I've run into a few issues so far:

1) not IronRuby.Rack's fault, but the latest rack (1.2.1) breaks the minimal
test app above due to this issue:
    (I had to apply the patch mentioned via that link to get things working
w/ rack 1.2.1)

2) Is there any way you can detect if sintra is not already installed when
running: rack2aspnet . sinatra
    I did not have the gem installed, and so I received an error when
browsing to the app via cassini
    If possible, it would be cool to warn the user that sinatra (or rails)
is not installed when running rack2aspnet

 3) Very minor - I created the app.rb like above, and then ran rack2aspnet.
     At first, I was a little confused why my app.rb wasn't used at all, and
instead, some default text from the config.ru was used instead.
     Is it possible to detect if app.rb already exists, and use it by
default if so (from the config.ru)?

  Will continue working with this, thanks again!

Best Regards,
Kevin Radcliffe
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