[Ironruby-core] Why IronRuby?

Miguel Madero me at miguelmadero.com
Wed Jan 27 01:08:25 EST 2010

I've been willing to try it with Silverlight Apps, I know it has a lot of
potential and I'm thinking of IR as full replacement of C#. Binding doesn't
work for dynamic objects which is a big showstopper (although I know
there're ways around it, I've not had a chance to get aroudn that). I see a
lot of application frameworks that would be better implemented on a real
dynamic language. People is struggling to fix some C# limitations with weird
things like TypeDescriptors, DynamicProxies, AOP, Code Generation, etc.

However, the lack of support from tools like the Visual Studio Designer and
Blend is another showstopper. I'm happy to handcode my XAML or even add
elements from ruby code, but for bigger proejects we might have a designer
working in Blend, creating controls in XAML, probably even using Attached
Properties, this are all things that won't work ATM with IronRuby so we have
to fault back to a statically type language to define this. So we gain
productivity in some areasb, but loose it in others, I guess for some apps
we would end up with a mixed approach, but I would ike to use IR as the main
language and C# for those thigns that I can't do in IR and not the
otherway around.

Miguel A. Madero Reyes
www.miguelmadero.com (blog)
me at miguelmadero.com
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