[Ironruby-core] Contributing to IronRuby on *nix

C. K. Ponnappa ckponnappa at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 13:08:10 EST 2010

Hello everyone,

Recently I've been trying develop a gem with native extensions in C, 
Java and C# just to learn what's involved. When working with IronRuby, I 
ran into a few small issues so I figured I'd learn how to build and 
modify IronRuby source so I can take a shot at fixing these issues and 
contribute *something* to the project, if possible.

Now, when working with IronRuby I'm having a pretty hard time in both 
cases because I'm not on Windows. For now I'm on OSX, and when I return 
this oh-so-awesome-but-hugely-expensive laptop to my employers, I'll be 
developing on Linux. Can you help me or give me any advice on how I can 
get started fixing bugs on IronRuby when developing on Mono? Is there a 
guide somewhere already on how to get a dev environment up on Mono using 


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