[Ironruby-core] Why IronRuby?

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Tue Jan 26 12:14:47 EST 2010

The productivity increase vs programming in a language like C# is a big one
too :)

So why ironruby and not ruby?
if you're a .NET shop you probably already have a serious investment in
libraries, control suites and so on.
With IronRuby you don't lose anything you can reuse those items but still
get the productivity increase.

As it so happens I tend to disagree that the rails stuff isn't for .NET
What I'm seeing is that Rails is the primary reason people look at IronRuby.

For example I'm currently doing a 40 day coaching job at a company that is
evaluating asp.net mvc and Rails.
IMO and I'm fairly confident I know what's in the asp.net mvc framework, it
still has a looooooooong way to go before it can get anywhere near what
rails has to offer you. It would involve adding even more ruby/python
features to C# (at some point they should then rename it to ironC or

I have a chuckle every time I see a C# dev create a viewmodel or use stuff

var myVariable = new MyGiantGeneric<MethodImplementations,
ProperyImplementations, IAmAnInterface, IAmToo>();

When they say strong typed view, that's just plain funny because it's
correct but also wrong at the same time what they really mean to say is
statically typed view, but anyways.
It basically boils down to do you want to deal with this typing nonsense or
do you want to deal with it more intelligently (at a performance cost).

When this coaching job is over I do a 4 day training course at another
company on: Ruby/Rails + .NET, RSpec and testing best practices (or what to
So in my opinion there is a keen interest for something more mature to take

As you may know I've implemented ironruby mvc, because I assumed that's what
.NET people would be interested in.
There is 1 good use case for it if you have an existing asp.net mvc app
otherwise I don't really see the point of using asp.net mvc for example and
having to deal with generics and all other CLR nonsense.

+ everything shay said.

PS: If I get the the sqlserver stuff to work with ActiveRecord properly I
definitely want to do a datamapper adapter so I don't have to deal with
ActiveRecord and its inconsistencies or actually writing sql
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On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 5:35 PM, Shay Friedman <shay.friedman at gmail.com>wrote:

> This question keeps coming back :)
> Testing is a great use of IronRuby, maybe even the top reason for .NET guys
> to use it. However, there are more reasons for .NET guys to adopt IronRuby
> like:
> - Writing internal tools.
> - Make it possible to extend .NET applications using IronRuby.
> - Using IronRuby's REPL capabilities for quick POCs or to enhance current
> .NET applications.
> - Silverlight and Gestalt development
> - Writing DSLs
> - Running Ruby on Rails on IIS "natively" (this one is not so much for the
> .NET developer, but it's a great reason too :-) ).
> All in all, it will be tremendously hard to convince C#/VB.Net guys to work
> with IronRuby. Moreover, it'll be twice as hard until VS fully supports the
> language.
> Having said that, I do believe that as time goes by the walls will collapse
> and IronRuby will become a common tool among .NET devs.
> Shay.
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> On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 6:13 PM, Mohammad Azam <lists at ruby-forum.com>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I was thinking about why to use IronRuby and one of the things that came
>> to my mind is because of better gems like spec, cucumber etc. Mostly my
>> use of IronRuby is around unit testing .NET CLR frameworks. But then
>> .NET CLR implementations is catching up with all these tools like
>> specflow and (.NET implementation for cucumber not sure about the name).
>> RAKE is awesome but usually I just use sh to execute shell scripts and
>> perform the build. Currently, I am not interacting RAKE with .NET
>> assemblies so it is pure Ruby implementation.
>> So, what do you think? Where would you use IronRuby?
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