[Ironruby-core] "igem install rake" raise an System.UnauthorizedAccessException (Windows 7)

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 26 12:17:44 EST 2010

There are a couple of differences that would be apparent for this proposed solution:

1)      Runas /user…. Is much longer than sudo ;)

2)      The normal installation directory is owned by TrustedInstaller and Admins have no rights by default. We wouldn’t have a supported way to share gems at this time, since that does have security risks. Each user would have to install their own gems, but (unsupported) you should be able to move GEM_PATH (assuming we can figure out how to share between IronRuby and Ruby) to a shared location and change permissions on it.


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Yes, that occurred to me this morning. ;-)

So, runas /user:mymachine\administrator igem install foo for globals gems, right?

Will Green

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 4:16 AM, Thibaut Barrère <thibaut.barrere at gmail.com<mailto:thibaut.barrere at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Per-user gems should not be the default. In RubyInstaller (mingw MRI), as well as MRI on Linux, and I believe OS X, system-wide gems are
> the default. This, of course, would require elevation (sudo gem install xxx).
I believe per-user gems is now the default (it wasn't in the past, but
if I'm right a rubygems update changed that behaviour. Maybe 1.3.0 -
http://rubyforge.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=27728 => 'RubyGems now
installs gems into ~/.gem if GEM_HOME is not writable. Use
--no-user-install command-line switch to disable this behavior.').

Here's what happens on my machine (OS X):

~$ gem list | grep less
~$ sudo gem list | grep less
~$ gem install less
~$ gem list | grep less
less (1.2.21)
~$ sudo gem list | grep less

~$ gem -v
~$ ruby -v
ruby 1.8.7 (2009-06-12 patchlevel 174) [i686-darwin10.0.0]

-- Thibaut
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