[Ironruby-core] Why IronRuby?

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 26 11:57:09 EST 2010

Along a lot of these ideas, I have written a small app which I use to file bugs on Codeplex. The source is at http://github.com/jredville/cp_bugger. I bring it up now because it fills some of these points:

*         Internal: it's not internal since it is open source, but it is a custom toom

*         Extending .NET applications: I wrap the TFS api's to make them more friendly and adjust the complexities of TFS to the relative simplicity of Codeplex.

*         REPL: Used the repl a lot during the development of this. I plan on adding a repl mode to this, and I might make IRB the base of that repl.

*          SL: Not here ;)

*         DSLs: Yep, I made a command DSL that makes creating commands relatively easy

*         IIS: Not here :)

This app would have been possible via screen scraping or Ruby.NET, but it was amazingly simple to build using IronRuby. It's also really useful, and has very little todo with testing.


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This question keeps coming back :)

Testing is a great use of IronRuby, maybe even the top reason for .NET guys to use it. However, there are more reasons for .NET guys to adopt IronRuby like:
- Writing internal tools.
- Make it possible to extend .NET applications using IronRuby.
- Using IronRuby's REPL capabilities for quick POCs or to enhance current .NET applications.
- Silverlight and Gestalt development
- Writing DSLs
- Running Ruby on Rails on IIS "natively" (this one is not so much for the .NET developer, but it's a great reason too :-) ).

All in all, it will be tremendously hard to convince C#/VB.Net guys to work with IronRuby. Moreover, it'll be twice as hard until VS fully supports the language.
Having said that, I do believe that as time goes by the walls will collapse and IronRuby will become a common tool among .NET devs.


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I was thinking about why to use IronRuby and one of the things that came
to my mind is because of better gems like spec, cucumber etc. Mostly my
use of IronRuby is around unit testing .NET CLR frameworks. But then
.NET CLR implementations is catching up with all these tools like
specflow and (.NET implementation for cucumber not sure about the name).

RAKE is awesome but usually I just use sh to execute shell scripts and
perform the build. Currently, I am not interacting RAKE with .NET
assemblies so it is pure Ruby implementation.

So, what do you think? Where would you use IronRuby?
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