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First, can you please join the mailing list so that we don't have to figure out your context. The forum doesn't include the thread.

Gems are not like the GAC. The location of the GAC is hard to change, yes you can do it via hint paths, but you will probably break something. Gems are easy to move. Simply set your GEM_PATH environment variable. You can also redirect the binary location at install time. Some of the tools out there change the location of these things on purpose to allow you to setup different "environments". Gems are better compared to *nix packaging systems than to the GAC. They handle dependency loading, installation, versioning, etc.

 If you need the IronRuby folder in the "right" location, then require your users to use the installer with default options. However, even then, you are requiring your users to go through the greater issue of installing IronRuby and all of your required gems. You are also requiring them to keep up with your versions if you choose to update. I would expect people to include the IronRuby dll's and the required ruby libraries with their application, just like they would do with .NET libraries. Then the setup isn't a problem since it is only setting up the app.

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You are completely missing my point!!!!

gems are like GAC but IronRuby is not using them as GAC. It is using it like a simple zip file extraction and folder path mechanism. Since, it is not an installable every developer can download the IronRuby framework in a different folder. Which means that on all the machines the ENV variable is different and now gems are downloaded also in the different folders. If we install IronRuby like "Ruby" using one click installer then chances are high that it will reside in a common directory. Using the method about I have to announce to all developers that please keep your files in C:\IronRuby folder.

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