[Ironruby-core] Did Something Changed Again in Spec...

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 25 13:50:59 EST 2010

1) what environment variable do you need to set?
2)will be changed soone
3) why are you invoking the spec command from C#?????? It makes sense to use other ruby libraries, but it's odd (to me) to use the spec command from within C#. We've also mentioned that yes, this could be easier, but we don't have the resources at current. Most .NET dev's have had to deal with config files, so I don't think your presentation experience is typical of most developers.


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Currently in order to run spec I did the following:

1) Set the environment variable for IronRuby (This is done to use IronRuby on the machine)

2) Copying the files and renaming them.

3) Add IronRuby configs in App.config if I need to invoke spec command from C#.

Sorry to say but 90% of the people will bail out and NOT use IronRuby. I have experienced the same feedback from people who were in my IronRuby presentation.
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