[Ironruby-core] Did Something Changed Again in Spec...

Mohammad Azam lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Jan 25 13:02:58 EST 2010

Okay that worked out but I am still not comfortable copying files and 
renaming them to batch files and putting them in the bin directory of 
the IronRuby folder. Also switching back and forth between the dev.bat 
and console. Also, cmd console is not able to find dev.bat from anywhere 
so I have to manually execute it from the folder that contains dev.bat.

I am willing to learn IronRuby and spend countless hours using this cool 
dynamic language. But I am afraid people are just going to GIVE UP 
trying to solve these configuration issues. Setting paths, copying and 
renaming their batch files to ispec whatever...

I am not trying to put down IronRuby but sorry this is not going to work 
in the real world.
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