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As we've talked about before, you only need dev.bat if you are developing IronRuby. If you are developing with IronRuby, you only need to use the installer. If you are embedding IronRuby, then there are app.config issues that need to be worked out, some of those can be handled by better tooling down the road, some of those can't be helped. Even those that can't be helped have alternate API's.


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I don't like to execute dev.bat each time I need to work with IronRuby. 
Why can't it just work out of the box like PowerShell.

This is a big defect in the IronRuby. Too many configurations will scare developers away. People are not interested in setting paths in ENV variables, performing configuration settings in App.config to make sure that IronRuby is pointing to correct lib paths.

Not many people are willing to try out IronRuby because of configuration issues.
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