[Ironruby-core] Did Something Changed Again in Spec...

Ivan Porto Carrero ivan at flanders.co.nz
Mon Jan 25 12:40:13 EST 2010

Mohammed listen,

If you just extract the ironruby.zip to c:\ironruby and add C:\ironruby\bin
to your PATH you're good to go. always, everywhere.

You're making it out to be harder than it is.

I wrote this earlier but will do it again:
You do igem install rspec
when that completes

copy C:\ironruby\lib\ironruby\gems\bin\spec C:\ironruby\bin\ispec
copy C:\ironruby\lib\ironruby\gems\bin\spec.bat C:\ironruby\bin\ispec.bat

now you're good to go.
That wasn't hard was it.

Now my advice to you is:
* read a book on shell/batch scripting
* first check if the problem isn't PEBKAC/user error/...
* use google
* learn properly about ruby and it's ecosystem and more importantly the way
it works (the secret it's file based). As it so happens we sell training so
feel free to hire us (http://whiterabbitconsulting.eu).
* do stuff in piecemeal. start with the most simple thing you can think off
* build your own gem so you know how it works
* ....

Did I mention don't badmouth stuff if the real problem is ignorance.

Met vriendelijke groeten - Best regards - Salutations
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On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 6:31 PM, Mohammad Azam <lists at ruby-forum.com> wrote:

> I don't like to execute dev.bat each time I need to work with IronRuby.
> Why can't it just work out of the box like PowerShell.
> This is a big defect in the IronRuby. Too many configurations will scare
> developers away. People are not interested in setting paths in ENV
> variables, performing configuration settings in App.config to make sure
> that IronRuby is pointing to correct lib paths.
> Not many people are willing to try out IronRuby because of configuration
> issues.
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