[Ironruby-core] Is it possible to generate DLLs?

Bassel Samman lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Jan 24 21:04:48 EST 2010

Orion Edwards wrote:
> Sure :-) I realise the world of enterprises is not neccessarily the 
> world of
> reason or logic :-)
> At any rate, I remember some vague mentionings on the list about a 
> platform
> abstraction layer and it's being able to read files directly out of 
> zips,
> which sounds like it would also be useful... was that a silverlight 
> thing or
> am I confused?

Nope, no SilverLight here, just a desktop app with MSCharts, win forms 
and a whole lot of IronRuby metaprogramming goodness.
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