[Ironruby-core] dealing with TFS

Jim Deville jdeville at microsoft.com
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Tfpt online is nice for that purpose. tf folderdiff . /r (recursive on this directory) is another way to detect changes, but it’s a pain since it re-syncs everytime you make a change. Rails would make it hard, but a few other options I can think of to help:

a)      If it’s a new project, maybe Codeplex’s new Mercurial support can convince them to use something different

b)      I can help you get setup to sync Git with TFS like we do for IronRuby. It’s a bit of a kludge right now, but it works. Jimmy and I are both trying to make it better, but neither of us have the time yet.

c)       Write a plugin for rails that hooks into the generator’s SCM support (-g and –s options) to add and edit files as it works.

One other thing I have for working within TFS. I map :w to :w! (to overwrite read-only files). And I have defined <leader>te and <leader>ta which simply call :!tf edit % and :!tf add %. The percent expands to the current file. Whenever I touch a file I run this command, of course, this requires you to launch vim from a command line that has TF in the path.


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I know some people who like "tfpt online" (from TFS Power Tools<http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=FBD14EEA-781F-45A1-8C46-9F6BA2F68BF0&displaylang=en>) for the purpose of adding a bunch of new files to a preexisting enlistment. I've never used it myself.

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How do you guys deal with TFS?

My guys have settled on Rubymine as their IDE, but their SCM is TFS of course as it's a .NET shop.
As you're well aware off TFS has the unfortunate habit of marking files as read-only and AFAIK there isn't an easy way to make it detect new files short of going through all the folders and manually adding the new files. When you're on a roll with a rails app for example this can mean there are quite a few files that need to be added.

What is the workflow you settled on?  use git for everything and once in a while make it sync with TFS?
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